image.pngWe know how daunting and stressful it can be selling your home, even more so if you need to buy a new one at the same time! So, here are my top three tips for taking the hassle out of selling your home!

Pick a local, knowledgeable estate agent – we hear all the horror stories of using an online-only estate agents, from ridiculous valuations from untrained “experts” to zero communication once they have your money. Pink Street is a dedicated team, who will get to know you, ring you without prompt and ensure the whole process is as smooth as can be.

Do your research! Make sure you know what you are expecting from the sale, a rough valuation; look at what your neighbour’s paid/got for their properties. Sold prices are available online usually with 2-3 months of completion.  

Be ready to exercise a little patience – even with the greatest will in the world, buying and selling property takes time. Jumping through hoops and getting past red tape can often feel frustrating. We do our best to reduce this frustration by keeping you involved in the entire process but patience will keep you sane while we finalise your sale.

So don't hesitate, get in touch today for your free valuation or use our online valuation tool