The Great South Run, takes place over a 10 mile (16 kilometer) course through the streets of Portsmouth, passing landmarks such as HMS Victory and the Spinnaker Tower. 

The course is almost flat, with minimal slopes around the course, helping make fast times achievable. 

The Great South Run will be held in Portsmouth on Sunday 22nd October 2017 and the 5K race will be held on Saturday 21st October 2017. 

Entry for both events is now open, follow this link, to register for the Great South Run 2017 use this link. Around 25,000 runners will take part in this highly popular run, raising £ millions for a wide range of charities. 

The first event, the elite womens race starts at 10:15, the whole city will be very busy, therefore the race organisers advise you should plan to arrive by 08:30 to ensure you are able to access the start area at the correct time. 

The 10 mile course is fairly flat and offers a wide range of views and historic sites along the way, such as HMS Warrior, HMS Victory and the Spinnaker Tower.

Along with the thousands of fun runners, club athletes and charity teams, will be a mix of celebrities and elite athletes from around the world.

Every year thousands of fun runners, joggers, locals, celebrities and charity runners take part in the race, raising £millions for their chosen good causes. It is estimated that more than £30 million has been raised for charities by runners in the Great South Run, since it's start in 1990. 

Source - Welcome to Portsmouth