STEP ONE - Detailed Valuation

This is no ordinary valuation. We’ll show the detailed truth about the actual value of your property and we’ll guide you through exactly how each part of your property affects your value. We’ll show you what you can do to increase the market appeal. You’ll be able to see exactly who your buyers are and how your listing to appeal directly to them. You’ll see the whole local property market and how we’ll sell your property for the best price possible.

STEP TWO – Build the Listing

We only use professional photography, extremely detailed descriptions and modern listings to present your property in the most effective way. We’ll show your buyers the local schools, gyms, supermarkets and local activities. We’ll build several listings for your property so it’s effective on property websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Plus, we’ll make email listings, text listings and video listings.

STEP THREE – Viewings and Feedback

You choose if you want Pink Street to accompany the viewers or whether you’d prefer to show people around yourself. Either way, the house will sell itself just like it did when you bought it. We’ll give you instant feedback too. It’s good to know what people think, good or bad, so we can improve the listing every day. Again, wouldn’t you rather your Estate Agent was always honest with you? There is no need for old fashioned estate agents any more.

STEP FOUR – Agree the Sale

Pink Street will negotiate the best possible price with the potential buyer and ensure they’re able to proceed quickly. Remember, you’re the customer so our goal is to achieve the best price for you. Once the sale is agreed, we’ll immediately get started on the sale process and coordinate everything between solicitors, mortgage lenders, buyers, sellers and all other parties involved in the journey. You’ll receive continuous updates from all sides.

STEP FIVE – Complete the Job

This is when we earn our fee. You don’t pay us a penny until this the job is finished so we’ll guide you all the way to the end. Once it’s complete, you’ll be fully looked after with keys, removals, utilities, advice, improvements, cleaning. If there’s anything you need just ask. We’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible all the way through this journey to your new home. You should also check out our monthly completions offers. You might get a free takeaway or bottle of wine on us!